The non-profit organisation Bloedserieus vzw – ‘Bloody serious’ in English – is a fun group of students who’ve joined forces with the Flanders Red Cross to encourage young people to donate blood.

We have representatives in six university cities: Antwerp, Brussels, Diepenbeek, Ghent, Kortrijk, and Leuven. In these cities, you can donate blood twice per academic year.

Today, 25 years after it was first launched in Leuven, Bloedserieus is a well-established and successful initiative in the six university cities. It all started as a small project, but has grown into a very large event since then.

In the past 25 years, Bloedserieus has grown exponentially, spreading its wings into other university cities. From Leuven, the initiative touched down in Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, Diepenbeek, and Kortrijk. At every edition, these university cities manage to jointly convince over 18,000 students to donate blood. What an achievement!

The non-profit organisation Bloedserieus vzw is managed by the Board of Directors.

While the Chair is Katrien Kimpe, Collection Manager at the Flanders Red Cross, most of the other management roles are taken on by students, who also run the entire organisation.

Willem Magits, Vice Chairman:
Ashley Caubergs, Secretary:

Tjeng Hang Chong, Goodie Bag WG* Manager:

Nele Castelein, Support WG Manager:

Kobe Kellers, Finance WG Manager:

Jan Geldhof, Donor Relations Assistant Manager at the Flanders Red Cross and Campaigns WG Manager:

* Working Group