Bloedserieus wants to encourage students to cross the threshold and explore blood donation. Why not donate blood with a group of friends and become loyal donors? After all, young people are the future – an important group that often has a little more time on their hands and a higher level of commitment than others.
Every year, we lose about 10% of all blood donors, for example because they’ve reached the age limit for donation or they’ve become ill. The Flanders Red Cross is therefore always on the lookout for new, young, and passionate donors. Join these enthusiastic blood brothers and sisters!

Are you not entirely convinced? Or are you eager to find out more about blood, platelet, or plasma donation? Then make sure to check out this website! Donating blood doesn’t take long and believe us, it really doesn’t hurt! It’s the perfect way to help countless people, save lives, and feel great about yourself. Or as the Buddhist mantra goes, “A drop of kindness is worth far more than wealth and power”.

Volunteer donors have been the backbone of blood donation for over 75 years. Are you ready to save lives too? Then find out when you can donate on campus! First time? Well done! There’s no better way to start the academic year and your donor career!