Bloedserieus vzw is looking for…

Year in, year out, the number of donors keeps increasing thanks to our many volunteers’ incredible efforts and commitment. A big thank you goes out to all of you! At the local level, every city has its very own team, with members who seamlessly work together to achieve fantastic results. But did you know you can contribute to our cause at the Flemish level too? Bloedserieus is looking for volunteers to strengthen its working groups and has several vacant positions in its Board of Directors… Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!


Bloedserieus has four different working groups, each of which is led by a Manager. This Flanders-wide approach offers quite a few advantages, including:

  • You join a team of great colleagues, who all work towards a single goal: to boost the number of students who donate blood and/or plasma every year.
  • You tap into additional experience by joining an extremely well-known non-profit organisation that is active throughout Flanders.
  • You get the opportunity to meet new people, including fellow students from around Flanders, and get in touch with major companies.

A description of the various working groups and their concrete tasks can be found below.

Campaigns Working Group

  • Full coordination of the promotional activities in the various cities.
  • Development of the campaign look and feel, including the campaign materials.
  • Maintaining contacts with the suppliers involved in the development of the campaign.
  • Distribution of promotional materials.

Interested in joining this working group? Then email Laurentijn Tilleman (

Finance Working Group

  • Filing invoices and receipts.
  • Assisting the Finance Manager of the Flanders Red Cross and the auditors.
  • Follow-up of contacts with financial partners (e.g. Socialistische Mutualiteiten and the Flanders Red Cross).
  • Attracting new partners.
  • Monitoring the budget in collaboration with the Finance department of the Flanders Red Cross.

Interested in joining this working group? Then email Laurentijn Tilleman (

Goodie Bag Working Group

  • Keeping track of all the sponsors.
  • Keeping track of all the blacklisted companies.
  • Contacting companies for new sponsorships in kind and follow-up of agreements.
  • Storage and transport of goodie bags to local activities.

Interested in joining this working group? Then email Laurentijn Tilleman (

Support Working Group

  • Offering support to the various cities (according to the priorities).
  • Visits to and assessments of blood collections, with a view to improving them even further.
  • Assistance in organising the ‘Bloedserieus Weekend’ (September-October) and the ‘Bloedserieus Closing Festival’ (April-May).

Interested in joining this working group? Then email Laurentijn Tilleman (

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Then please don’t hesitate to contact the following members of the Board of Directors:

Huidige functie E-mailadres
Laurentijn Tilleman Secretaris
Tjeng Hang Chong Ondervoorzitter
Sebastiaan Jennis Verantwoordelijke WG Financiën (zonder deelteken op de ‘e’)
Evy De Greef Verantwoordelijke WG Ondersteuning
Marjolein Van daele Verantwoordelijke WG Campagne
Dieuwke Beljon Verantwoordelijke WG Goodiebag
Nele De Vos Voorzitter