Not as well known, but equally important!
Blood consists of 55% yellow liquid, namely plasma, which, in turn, is made up of 91.5% water and 8.5% dissolved substances, such as nutrients, sugars, fats, salts, hormones, and vitamins. As such, plasma contains vital components for the blood coagulation process and the body’s defence against microorganisms.

Vital components
Plasma can help people who have lost a lot of blood during a medical emergency. Patients with blood-coagulation disorders and new-borns with severe cases of jaundice also desperately need your plasma. Finally, plasma is used in the development of countless life-saving medications.

Keen to donate plasma? Brilliant! You’re set to help so many people!

  • How often can I donate? You can donate plasma every two weeks, but you need to have donated blood at least once before.
  • How long does it take? The plasma collection process takes, on average, 45 minutes.
  • How does it work? We will explain every step in the process as you go along..
  • Where can I donate? Since we need a special device for plasma collection, you can only donate at our donation centres. Look for a centre near you!.